Three of a kind

I think it's gotten to the point by this stage, that Jess and I have sufficiently mentioned our difference in style. So it only seems right that I say it again, our style is very different. This is particularly true when it comes to how we wear colour, or in my case lack thereof. What I love most about neutrals is the ability they can have to blend in and stand out, all at the same time. With winter getting closer and closer (approximately four days in Australia) I thought it would be fitting to reunite my three best friends- black, white and grey.

(wearing Cheap Monday jacket, C&M top, Sportsgirl skirt & Witchery boots)


Coral Reef-A

Wearing: Vintage Versace jeans, Asos blazer, Camilla & Marc white tee and Office booties

As bright as this outfit is, this post saddens me a touch. I used to find so much ecstasy in rummaging through op shops of all varieties to find treats like these jeans but I haven't been on a vintage spree in the longest. I think I need to go back to my roots and rediscover the path to my happiness - shopping. 



(Pictured the 'Nectar necklace' and 'Carman tan swing bag'..new additions to my impending travel wardrobe- buy here and here)

One of the best things about fashion is that it's constantly being re-invented, re-purposed and brought back to life in unexpected ways. The same thing can be said about jewellery, particularly as a new wave of DIY bloggers has swept over the Internet, showing us a more personal side to what we adorn. Bringing her own unique sense of style to her designs, Emily Dornbusch of Emeldo Designs has created a collection that epitomises what fashion should be about- tassels, pom poms and of course a bit of fun. Maria spoke to Emily about her eclectic pieces which have been popping up on Instagram left right and center.


Black and White

Wearing: Mink Pink Polka Dot Blouse, George skirt, www.gojane.com shoes, Thrifted clutch

I am usually one for colour but I had to go with this black and white print on print look, just because. 


Old and new

My favourite thing about the start of a new and colder season, is digging up pieces from the back of my cupboard that I'd forgotten about. It's kind of like acquiring an entirely new wardrobe but without having to spend money, which is always an added bonus. And if you're smart enough about what you buy, there are all kinds of ways to mix basics like a simple white t-shirt with a pair of boots you bought at a sample sale four years ago (as a for instance). On this particular night I also got to break in a necklace from Emeldo Designs, which I'll be posting about a bit later on..so stay tuned.

(Wearing: Random tee, Staple skirt, Wittner clutch, Robert Robert boots and Emeldo necklace)



Cameo shorts, Scanlan & Theodore tank, Thrifted coat and Kenneth Cole shoes

Admittedly the weather is getting cooler but nothing will stop me from wearing a pair of shorts - not snow, not rainfall. As you can tell, I am one for a splash of colour here and there whereas smalls (Ria), my counterpart loves a good monochromatic look. Hopefully you take a liking to one if not both of our styling approaches.


Gold member

Often when there's a special occasion coming up, my first reaction is to buy something new.  This month I've been inspired by Bec from my bloggable day and her 'wear my wardrobe' challenge, which you can read about here. I'm physically not strong-minded enough not to buy new clothes for an entire year, but I figure I can definitely get more milage from some of the pieces I do have. So when my lovely friend Sheveux had a high-tea Birthday the other day, I decided to get thrify once again and wear something vintage inspired. This gold number, was actually in one of Jess's throw out piles, but the colour and texture of the fabric was so amazing that I decided to claim it for myself. After snipping the hem off to be more midget-friendly, I added some appropriate jewels and heels, and before I knew it, it was like a brand new outfit. So there you go, the moral of the story is to be creative with what you have and don't succomb to fashion pressure.

                                                   Wearing vintage dress, Adorne earrings, gifted clutch and Tony Bianco heels.